O nou serie distopica! Shattered

SHATTERED is NOW Available on Amazon Kindle!

You were wooed in DESIRE into the perfect world of Arcadia…

Then as each layer of Arcadia is peeled away, a shocking truth is discovered in SUMMER WISHES (DESIRE #1.5)….

Now be prepared to be SHATTERED (DESIRE #2)….   Kama and Liam never thought Arcadia would be like this.

Releases on Amazon Kindle Tuesday Night!  Nov. 8.


1) Retweet “Shattered (Desire #2) by Kailin Gow is Now Available! Go and Get this sequel to the highly-acclaimed Dystopian Fantasy Series!”

2) Post on your Blog, website, and Facebook Page!

3) Post here that you did the above.

4) Please send your email address (which will be verified) to promotions (at) theEDGEbooks (dot) com to receive a copy of Summer Wishes.  Only 1 copy per household.

Playlist for Shattered

Shattered  Jeni Harris

Shattered Glass Britney Spears

Magic Carpet Ride  Steppenwolf

Magic  Olivia Newton-John

We Are Broken   Paramore

Where the Lines Overlap   Paramore

Freedom Caitlin Crosby

Imperfect is the New Perfect  Caitlin Crosby

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This  Eurythmics

Someone Like You  Adele

Paradise Coldplay

Sparks Fly Taylor Swift

Strange Clouds B.o.B.

Arms Christina Perri

It Will Rain  Bruno Mars

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